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18 January, 2019

Sleepy Time – 5 Strategies for a Better Night’s Sleep for Your Toddler

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There is almost nothing as truly terrifying as a toddler who has not had a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, that’s the reality for many parents. While the sleepless nights are hard, the days following are even harder! You will be pleased to know that those days are now short-lived. Try out these options below for a better night’s sleep for your toddler (and you).

Go Natural

It’s time to put down the parabens, phthalates, and petrochemicals, and go natural! Did you know there are many natural sleep remedies for toddlers for a peaceful night’s slumber with no harmful additives? Do your research. Look for balms, bath washes, and essential oils. The best products are going to be those that are entirely natural and organic and will be gentle on your child’s skin.

Regulate that Routine

All it can take is a half-hour difference in your bedtime routine, and you can have a tantrummy toddler for the next week. The key to a well-rested toddler is one thing: routine. If you set a schedule and stick with it to within a quarter-hour, your nights will go off without a hitch. However, it’s not only the bedtime that matters but what’s around it as well. Time the bath before bed followed by a story. Your toddler will expect it, and their body will fall in with the balanced schedule that lulls them off to sleep.


If your tiny terror has been bouncing off the walls for the last hour instead of sleeping, then you may be scratching your head and wondering why. It couldn’t possibly be that large glass of juice and slice of cake, could it? If you don’t want nap time to be like defusing a bomb, then get savvy with your snack choices. Opt for fruit, vegetables, and crackers instead of high-sugar treats. Even better, bypass the snack and opt for a glass of milk before bed instead.

Turn off the Tablet

There’s no denying that electronic devices can be your saving grace when you need a break from your children, but they can end up making bedtime far more challenging. The more you limit screen time, the more beneficial it will be for your child. If you are going to restrict their tablet time, you may also like to remove or restrict TV usage in their bedroom as well. Research shows that children with a TV in their bedroom score lower on school tests and have more health and educational problems.

Complete Darkness

You might feel like you’re doing the right thing by installing nightlights to stop your toddler from being afraid, but you may be disrupting their sleep. Any form of light pollution such as clocks and night lights can affect your toddler’s hormone regulation and immune function – resulting in poorer quality sleep.

If your tiny tot is afraid of the dark (and, of course, the monsters), then there are ways around it. You can introduce a “monster spray” (water in a spray bottle) to “rid” the room of monsters before they go to sleep, or you can turn off any lights once they doze off.

Almost every parent with a toddler is going to go through a zombie phase – a time when the tot gets no sleep, so neither do the parents. It’s the unfortunate reality of being a mom or dad! However, it can be a short phase by thinking a little outside the square. Try out natural products, make sure their routine is regular, alter their diet, and let them go to bed without lighting or technology.

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