A fine dining restaurant is always on every person’s bucket list. Be it a special occasion, or a candle light proposal or to just eat some good food in a good ambience, these restaurants are perfect to go for. They can be best described in two words, elegant and elite. But unlike what most people think, a great restaurant isn’t just made up of good food. There’s a lot more that goes into it.

Along with food, customers seek out ambience, excellent service and an overall high-quality dining experience. The restaurants which provide a fine dining along with top notch customer service are the ones which will be standing strong, even in the long run. And in case you want to visit one of the best restaurants in Bunbury, Best Western Plus promises you the best in hospitality and customer satisfaction. Along with serving good food, they offer you a perfect ambience, in which you can create memories with loved ones over great food and drinks.

Figure out what the customers look for in a perfect restaurant :

Every customer wants to have the time of his life and spend a great evening when they are paying for good food and ambience in a fine dining restaurant. Also, a very important requirement of the customers is that they hate to wait for food. And this issue is practically absent in restaurants which have highly skilled chefs who ensure to get the food piping hot and on time in front of you. And that’s exactly what happens when you visit the Lighthouse hotel in Bunbury.

Expectations interpreted well : Every new customer who enters the restaurant expects a specific kind of service, food, and décor. Whether they have found the place online or heard reviews from someone else, they have a set image in their minds. The restaurant has to ensure that there are no disappointments and they understand the customer’s needs without them saying it out aloud.

2. Remembering customers : It’s very important for the senior and mid-senior staff of the restaurant to remember the loyal and frequently visiting customers. The ones who are coming often, will continue to do so, if you make them feel special. Also, they should aim to remember the preferences of the customer over a time period.

3. Management approach : You have all sorts of people coming to a restaurant starting from kids to couples to oldies. The restaurant should treat all the different clusters with an efficient management approach. Couples should be left alone and not intruded much. While for big groups, they are so engrossed, they often need a dedicated server to take care of everybody’s requirements, both asked and unasked.

4. Menu reading : Whenever customers visit a fine dining restaurant, they want a service where they don’t have to do much. So, the restaurant should have staffs that are well-versed with whatever is on the menu. The server should be able to recommend and describe well the dishes to the customer so that he/she doesn’t have to read the entire menu.

5. Eye contact : It’s very essential that the servers can assess the needs of a customer even when he’s standing far from the table. He should make immediate eye contact with the customer. This will show the level of attentiveness of the staff towards customers and good mannerisms are what customers basically look for.

6. Decent goodbye : You can’t just forget about your customers once they finish their meals. The restaurant staffs need to bid them a decent goodbye and ask them to visit again. The customers should be made to realize that it was a pleasure to host them and the restaurant would love to do so again.

With so many things to look into, some restaurants often miss out on small things, and fail to create an impressive first impact on the customers. With these tips in mind, you as a restaurateur will never fail to provide a perfect dining experience to your customers.

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