“So.. Are you Kanji Tattoos Addicted?” That’s the question we are asking to you, if your answer is yes then welcome to Tattoos-Beauty.com.

Here, you will see we have investigated deeply about different crazy kanji tattoos ideas. In the recent years, we observed that tattoos of kanji have become very popular in western trend.

If you do not belong Eastern world, then you may not know that origin of Kanji Symbols are the Chinese characters which are used in modern day Japanese writing style.

Kanji symbols are used together with other main scripts Hiragana and Katakana Symbols which form the foundation of the Japanese Language System. In Japanese, the term Kanji simply means “Han characters”. These designs are very catchy to each one’s eye and have strong significance and meanings. Many people in other parts of the world are fascinated towards eastern culture and they are loving their martial arts these days. They can’t resist themselves from having a kanji tattoo inked on their body in order to represent an Asian heritage.

Let’s see on this beautiful girl having a kanji tattoo inked on her back spin. You can see, there is a pink shade around kanji symbols written in black ink. Mostly these tattoos are done in black ink. But in order to make a feminine look, more often girls use pink or other colored ink. We think her tattoo design is looking lovely.

We accept that kanji tattoos can be more powerful, cool and expressive way in either one or more than two characters and you need to make it as an incredible writing art. Normally, people prefer to get english to kanji translation of these words brave, happiness, love, peace, dragon and strength.. etc. We think strong meaning is not a single reason behind these designs popularity. The artistic nature of kanji is another reason to get a Kanji tattoo. They look descent and mind blowing on different locations of both guys and girls.

Meaning and History of Kanji Tattoos

It’s not necessary to tell you that Kanji tattoos have a long history over the past millennium of art. Basically kanji usually originated in China but later on was adopted by the Japanese. With the passing of time this writing style went through various changes in appearance, design, form as well as pronunciation.

According to history experts Japanese people had no writing style till 400 Ad and most of their current words were loaned from Chinese script. As far as meaning of tattoos of kanji is concerned then we think Kanji tattoo characters can represent objects, ideas, specific meanings and much more in a single character structure form.

But we think with the help of these tattoos you can express yourself in a nice way. It is true that these tattoos are one of the best ways to reconnect yourself with history but it’s also a reality that you can find out your individuality in your desired way.

If you going to get ink with kanji tattoos then you must know difference between kanji and Chinese tattoos. More often people get Chinese symbols in place of Japanese kanji by mistake. Basically Kanji is the Japanese term for Chinese characters that are used in the Japanese language. A Chinese character and a Japanese kanji may have the same appearance and form, but are pronounced differently as well as they may have different meanings.

Kanji Tattoos

Let’s see these some popular kanji symbols. You can see they are very complex designs as well as meaningful.

However, There are nearly 50,000 characters present in chinse writing system and generally people use 20,000 characters as a tattoo design.

But only hundreds of kanji symbols are frequently used as a tattoo design and they are very popular. So, there is a big difference between Chinese character and Japanese kanji.

We would like to tell you more history of kanji tattoos. In past days of Japan, criminals were tattooed in order to have a bad identity. Japanese prostitutes used to get many tattoos on their body to have a dead gorgeous look and which attracted many customers. So due to all these above negative practices people had a negative image about tattoos but now time has changed.

That’s why it’s important to understand that a Kanji Tattoo will remain on your body forever. If you don’t have knowledge of the complicated Japanese language and Characters system, it can be very difficult to get the right characters to express what you want on your Kanji Tattoos. You may easily get a wrong tattoo that can represent your negative side. So guys and girls choose a perfect kanji design that reflects your true character.


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