Change is always good, change in lifestyle, change in mindset, and change in the house you live in. yes it is true that you are very comfortable in your room and have become used to it and you don’t really want to change the way how your room looks like, but there is no harm in modifying a bit and making it better. Afterall, a change is for good most of the times. Be it the renovation of the entire house or of a particular room, it will always bring a fresh change and may also add up to your resale value if the renovation is done right. If you have been living in the same house for a long time, then the renovation is surely needed as during the renovation the required repairs will also be done.

Just deciding that you want to renovate your home or your room, is not enough. There are a lot of things that you must keep in consideration so that the dream you have in your head and the way you want your house to look, it is made exactly in that manner. If you begin with the renovations without thinking it well then you may incur huge losses and also it may result in some faults during the construction. Therefore, we bring to you a few tips that you must keep in mind while making plans to renovate your house.

Having ideas in the mind regarding the renovation

Before you go to a designer or an architect, you must have some ideas regarding how you want your home to look like after it is renovated. Do some research work on how you want the exterior to look. Having a few images of your imagination is a good thing. If you have a clear vision in your head, it will be easier for your designer and you to run through the designing process. Seek some inspiration regarding the colour scheme, style and product selection and interior designing by going through magazines and then discuss it with your designer. According to the designs and ideas you discuss with him, he will be able to draw a proper design for your house.

Finding the right architect

Once you have decided upon the kind of design scheme you want for your house, it is time that you begin hunting for a architect who can transform your dreams into reality. Begin with searching for architecture firms online and start reading their testimonials. Figure out if the company will work according to your budget and directions or not. There are firms who focus on designing high-end projects and then there are ones who focus on renovations. Once you shortlist the companies that focus on villa renovations, you can then enquire about their charges and other facilities by calling them up or visiting them.

Deciding your budget for the renovation

Now that you have found the architect and also have decided upon your design scheme, you must also now sit down and decide what your budget constraint will be. Before doing this you must understand the purpose whether you want to sell the property or want it for yourself. You will have to find out the value of your property based upon your intention. When you are renovating your house with the help of renovation builders in Auckland, you cannot make an exact budget. Draw an estimate and still keep an extra 20% to cover the extras. Discuss with your architect as it will help you make an estimate and the concept drawings will give you an in-depth detail of the budget. By doing this, the variability in the construction cost will diminish a great deal.

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