The comfy feeling of a fluffy cushion sounds heavenly, right? Well, however, it becomes a far-off dream if you get cushion covers that are a complete misfit! Why are you subjecting yourself (your family) and your guests to uncomfortable cushions? Neither of you deserve to go through such discomfort!

If you feel you are up to the job of making perfect cushion covers, then go ahead and create your own covers. But ten to one, we can bet, that, most of us do not have the time (and energy; and in most cases, even expertise) to dish out what we want (and need!). Relax! Stores are waiting to help you out of your plight. Take their help, and, get custom indoor and outdoor cushion covers for your furniture.

How to Create Perfectly Fitted Covers for Your Cushions?

Cushions should be plump and fluffy, whether you are pairing them with your sofa or outdoor bean bags! This will be possible, only when, you have covers that fit the cushions perfectly. One inch bigger or smaller, will ruin the beauty and shape of the pillow. Hence, you need to be careful with what you create. A guide would be helpful, right? However, a complete guide is available with expert cushion makers only! Here are some aspects, though, that need attention for sewing the perfect cushion cover:

1. Measurements: If, you end up making a mistake in the measurements, then you might as well say goodbye to your perfectly fitted cushion cover. This will also be the deciding factor for the amount of fabric you need! The best way to get the measurement is to start from one seam to the next, along the top and from front to back. You will also need to add some extra inches for fabric that is lost in stitches.

2. Fabric Type: Once you have obtained the measurement, you need to decide what fabric you will be using. The options are innumerable, from cotton to suede – the range is like the horizon! Oh, also, do not forget the area your furniture is situated. Outdoor furniture requires material and fabric that can withstand the test of environmental factors, while indoor furniture being better protected from such factors allows more experimentation with fabric choices.

3. Amount of Fabric: With measurements and fabric selection out of the way, you need to decide on how much fabric you actually need! This (along with the kind of fabric you select) would also determine the cost factor.

Finally, you need the skillset to put in all together! Phew! That’s a lot to cover!

 What is the Best Alternative to DIY Cushion Covers?

DIY (Do It Yourself) projects can be a great way to earn accolades and save money, if, you get it right (though)! The chances of goofing up the project is higher, and then you will be left with ruined fabric (which is of no use). This means wastage of time, money, and energy! Leave the job to professionals! Here is what they have to offer:


1. Skill set at level 100: Professional cushion makers have been working on various projects for a long time and hence, know exactly, what needs to be done. From measurement technique to flawless sewing, they have unbelievable skills to complete the job perfectly.

2. On-time Delivery: Expert cushion makers have worked on so many jobs. Hence, they can complete the job on-time! Why? Because, they know exactly how much time is needed for completing one cushion, from your order. They have a reputation to protect, so they do not take time off or relax on the job. This ensures on-time delivery of your cushion covers.

3. The Perfect Covers: As mentioned before, they have a reputation to uphold, so they take steps to ensure top-notch quality! This includes the quality of the finished product, as well. You will never be disappointed! Professionals will bring to you the exact cushion cover you had ordered.

When, professional cushion cover stores offer so many perks, and no tension, why take the stress upon yourself? Call in the professionals and they will take measurements, help you select the right material and pattern, and, deliver on the intended date. You can then enjoy the comfort of fluffy and perfect cushions (and their lovely covers!) !


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