Acidity, Sweetness, Bitterness & Alcohol in Wine and Food Matching

Food matching can be done by taking into consideration the acidity, sweetness, bitterness and alcohol in a wine. These properties of wines are determined by various factors and when pairing food according to these characteristics of a wine we have to know about these factors. Wine and food matching is done mainly to achieve a balance between the […]

A Basic Guide to Matching Wines and Food

Wine and food matching is a recent culinary phenomenon which has almost become an art today. Since ancient times people of different cultures paired local wines with local food. This has gradually evolved into a stage where you will find a specialist called a sommelier in many restaurants who can guide you to select the right wine […]

6 things customers look for in a fine dining restaurant!

A fine dining restaurant is always on every person’s bucket list. Be it a special occasion, or a candle light proposal or to just eat some good food in a good ambience, these restaurants are perfect to go for. They can be best described in two words, elegant and elite. But unlike what most people […]

Aioli in authentic Catalan style

Aioli in Catalonia means garlic, olive oil, a pinch of salt, that’s it. Not for nothing, we call it allioli: all-i-oli, meaning garlic-and-oil. Watch the video below, read the step-by-step instructions, and you’ll learn how to make this delicious and colorful homemade sauce in no time Allioli is an essential sauce of the Mediterranean Catalan cuisine you can add […]

Paella recipe with easy-to-find ingredients

This paella recipe is a delicious and accessible version of this famous Valencian dish. Below I show you step-by-step my own way of cooking paella I am sure it’s one that will please my international gourmet-readers. Besides, the preparation is straightforward enough so as not to scare novice paella cooks. This paella recipe combines tradition […]

“Are you Kanji Tattoos Addicted?”

“So.. Are you Kanji Tattoos Addicted?” That’s the question we are asking to you, if your answer is yes then welcome to Here, you will see we have investigated deeply about different crazy kanji tattoos ideas. In the recent years, we observed that tattoos of kanji have become very popular in western trend. If you do not […]